Friday, May 8, 2009

Gym Buddy

Baby/Apau - Baby subscribes to California Fitness. Die rajin jugak pergi gym. Tapi at the same time, die rajin jugak makan nasi lemak kerang yang berminyak, bos die belanja. But later, he will go to the gym dan lari atas trendmill 65 minit sambil mengenangkan kerang yang die dah makan tadi. I think he looks ok and cute, but still he wants to loose more kg. Pada die, orang yang cantik adalah orang yang kurus
Itak - Itak ada personal trainer, a lady. Die rajin pergi gym, since she is now a SAHM (not yet a mother tapi). She loves to jog too, and selalu die akan jumpe this one kitty masa die jog, and she will share with me stories about the kitty. She aspires to be slim like Taylor Swift. But this lately, die ada hobby baru which is memasak.
Hazzy - Hazzy pon baru berkecimpung dalam bidang gym ni. I pernah share stories dengan die about Fitness First so few months after that, die cerita die dah sign-in with Fitness First. I am so excited because I foresee that we can be gym buddy. Lepastu baru perasan that she actually joined True Fitness, not Fitness First. Sigh. But anyway, she subscribes to a PT too, and the PT is kinda hot (from her defination). PT tu pakai seluar pendek, and pembersih orang nyer. Hazzy has this habit of QC guy's nails and hands because she said from there, boleh tau orang tu pembersih ke tak. I look forward to meet this hot PT coz he will be with us to Kevin Zahri's Fitness workshop.
Wayne - Wayne is my colleague. He is new and this one day, die bawak beg cam balik kampung and I asked him "Wayne, u nak balik kampung ke?" And he answered "No lah, I nak pergi gym" Ooo gym bag rupenyer HAHA. But Wayne ni memang bagus, he has been with the gym for 4 years now, and he focus more on membina muscle. Everday, he would share with me steps to bina muscle at butt and triceps bladibla. And we like to kutuk/complain Fitness First on some parts of their services. Wayne ada bagi satu useful link and he encourages me to go there.
KJ - KJ is my favourite gym buddy. He is so helpful and loves to share his knowledge on fitness. He goes to the gym almost everday and hasilnye ialah cute butt. Semua orang pon kagum dengan butt die. Once I asked him, how can I get butt like yours? Nanti die cerita lah. And he is a true gentleman. He loves to accompany me at any machine and chit-chat, gossip about Miss R, and then teman pergi beli roti at Rotiboy and then balik naik LRT.
Nina - Nina goes to the gym in Kajang and die slim gile now. Last time I saw her, she was like wow, sungguh ayu sekali. Bertudung with great figure. She plans to loose more kg. Last time I talked to her, die bising sebab berat die stagnant for that month. Good luck dear.
My fiance - He subscribes to gym at his workplace. And once in a while, he would bring me to the Fitness shop and buy few equipments like dumbells and this one thing for leg stregth. If he doesnt go to the gym, he will jog or play tennis. Honestly speaking, I think he is naturally cerah, tapi since dia tak pernah dapat recover a sunburn before getting new ones, so die jadi sunburn macam tu lah sepanjang masa. And he is immune to sunburn too. We are getting married in 2 months time, but he is still busy with his tennis thingy, next week in Kedah and end of May in Terengganu. But I have no problem with that sebab with all these passion in sports, I hope his perut tak memboroi after marriage.


Ita Shadila said...

SAHM apa? SMHD i tau la..chihihihi

Zal said...

SAHM = stay at home mother~ (mother as in MAK :P)

Ita Shadila said...

mak buat cucur~

Nina said...

mana ada slim giler.. haish..

Zal said...

Nina = pretty in pink haha :p


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