Monday, May 11, 2009

Kedah Here We Come

Friday, the whole family (belah my dad) are traveling to Kedah for cousin Nem's wedding. Hurrah! It has been a while since we last travelled this far, by car. But then I still have not applied for my leave. I am now with the special group project which requires my full time participation for one month, starting from today. Kalau ikut TOC, I am suppose to give my full commitment i.e no training or leave or whatsoever within that period. Pending lagi lah my offshore trips ni. Since the project will finish in mid-June or probably extends until July, nampaknyer tade chance for me to go for long offshore trips before my marriage.
One question, is it too little, too much or just ok for a hand phone bills of RM80? My phone bills has always been more than RM100, usually around RM150 to RM200. But this month, it's only RM80. I am quite surprised. What? Am I an anti-sosial now? But on the other side, okay lah because I can spend the other hundreds to some other stuff.
Okay people. I need to have my beauty sleep. And here is a mental note to myself - to hydrate and moisturize my skin!


Dayu said...

rm 80 mcm logik gak la *for me yg selalu akan guba tepon opis je siang2 ari*
saya nak pakai byk duit kat tmpt lain
sila lah bagi saya guna tepon free ini

--being Maneesa-- said...

Zal me adding your blog to mine :)

Zal said...

Shasha, thanks :D
Dayu - naughty you!