Monday, July 13, 2009

Honeymoon in Krabi, Thailand

We will go for our honeymoon in Krabi, Thailand, in the effort to skip from the common honeymoon venue i.e Bali. Furthermore, I've always be a radio rosak cerita pasal Maya Beach, Phi Phi Island where they did The Beach (the film with Leonardo deCaprio) few years back. Biru air lautnyer (tapi tatau lah boleh percaya ke tak). I actually recomended this place to Zakian, who just got back from Krabi few weeks ago. And I was glad to hear that he really enjoy his honeymoon in Krabi.
We are very much aware of the H1N1 and the craps/prediction on tsunami on next week, but then berserah saja lah. Worst case kami duduk lepak kat area hotel saje. It is much easier I think coz we will be staying in Ao Nang, which is a city with few things to do. What things I am not sure haha sbb tak sempat nak survey lagi boleh tak. Tapi tak pe, I think it has been taken care by someone yang rajin.
Anyway, the bird says that we already have our very own waterproof/underwater camera casing. That is so great, I can wait to take photos of the fishes and whatsoever down there (if any). I wanna go snorkerling because I never had chance to try snokerling. Pathetic me kan. I've been working without holiday for 3 years people, what do you expect?
Pray for our safety ya. InsyaAllah.
p/s Ada sesapa pernah g Krabi tak? Can share their experiences? To Aida, dont worry, I dah print dah apa yang your fren sent me few few months ago. Island hopping will be our must activity!


E`n1x said...

eiwa went to Krabi! i think lah.
anyway, 3 days until ur big day kah?
congratulations on ur upcoming wedding day =D

KEF said...

eeh... zakian sudah kahwin? best!

Zal said...

Lilly thanks :D
Ee Fei, ye mereka sudah berkahwin :D