Monday, January 18, 2010

Hari Membebel

Hari ni I wanna membebel banyak sikit. Maybe because I am pmsing :p
My kereta buat hal lagi. Sebelum itu, few days ago, ada hal lagi terjadi. At Touch and Go Lane, the car the front end was having problem with her T&G card so everyone at the back had to slowly reverse the car and change to the next lane. Bile dah reverse tu up till satu time tak boleh reverse, I stopped. But the car at the front didn't. I honked and honked and honked him but die tengah berangan agaknyer and boom!!! There goes. Die langar kereta aku. Mak sentap! Bile keluar kereta, tengok tade pape, okay lah selamat. Tapi mamat tu memang bengong.
So on last Monday, I was followed by a penjenayah menaiki motor and menyamar sebagai polis. He tried to stop me and lepastu cakap nak saman sebab melanggar undang-undang jalan-raya. Dah la pakai t-shirt, naik motor kapcai, then helmet, lepastu ada selit telefon kat telinga die. Die ingat aku bodoh nak caya die police ke. He tried to stop me few times but I refused to. Last-last, he took my photo and my car and sped off. Aiyor terkejut ok. Takut pon ada. I went to the police and report the case. It seems that guy is using fake plate so I was asked to be extra careful while driving. My boss reminded me to use different path to the office. Hubby is now driving my car coz I kind of freaked out to drive that car anymore. Takut die cam.
So today, while driving hubby's car, tiba-tiba temperature increases. I freaked out again. Dah lah few days ago I saw one car got burnt down while driving back. Aiyor. Nasib baik it happened near a PETRONAS station. I called hubby and he came to rescue. Thanks dear. He brought the car to the workshop. I wanted to follow and plan to take a day off but he wouldn't let me. So I drove my car to the office and let him to fix the other car. I already told my boss that I am going to be bit late. At KL Convex car park, the Early Bird rate is no longer valid because I clocked in at 9AM. So today I paid freaking RM23 for the parking alone! Sentap~
So at the office, I was told to attend this one training and since the company is now in cost saving mode, we are asked to travel by Firefly or Air Asia.
I called few friends to bebebe. Lega sikit lepas bebebe to my friends and bebebe kat sini :P
It is just another Manic Monday :D


aiyda said...

aiyor...a series of unfortunate incidents in one day! cobaan... u made it thru anyway!

Zal said...

hehe thank dear.