Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mannequin Hanger Is Here


My mannequin hanger is here!
I bought it online at The process was super quick, placed an order a night before and item was delivered on the next afternoon, straight to KLCC.  And suprise, suprise, the person behind the mannequin business is actually my university mate. HAHA. What a small world. And seems like everyone is venturing into online business now. As for me, my itention is pure i.e
To SPRING CLEAN my bursting wardrobe. All must go.


E`n1x said...

wow, u actually bought one!
i pun nk springclean. so far the ones that have sold are branded... sigh.

btw, that heels yg murah ittew cantik lah. lucky here mcm padang pasir, no temptations whatsoever, huhu...

Zal said...

hi lil ya I actually bought one hehe. heels tu sekarang dah mahal balik lah, haritu I tengok dah jadi RM50. aiyoyo.