Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tol Gate Girl

Today nak cerita pasal tol. I am a daily user to macam macam tol like SMART, MEX and PLUS. My everday path to work is through PLUS highway from Kajang to Sg Besi (RM1.8), then masuk SMART tunnel to KLCC (RM2). On my way back, I use MEX or better known as Putrajaya Hi-way (RM1.5) and the PLUS. Did u know that PLUS offer 10 percent rebates if u access the hi-way between 12am to 7am? Untuk mendapatkan rebate (hanyalah 10 cent for my journey from Kajang to Sg Besi, I leave home latest by 6.45am untuk spi kat Sg Besi at 7am. So what usually happen is I always termiss the 10 cent rebates sbb banyak kereta beratur at the Touch and Go lane. Like today, I missed 0.1 second to get the 10 cent rebates sbb bile I nak punch my card, lampu tepi tol tu padam menandakan it is already 7am. Arggh. There goes my day today. Will try again tomorrow.

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