Sunday, February 22, 2009

E.F Balik Kampung

E.F sudah pulang~ Hurrah! Seronoknyer :D
E.F is my best friend from the uni. She is now working with Norway and currently engaged to a handsome blue-eyed hunk i.e PT :p She is back for 2 weeks, one of the brother is getting married.
I was so happy and volunteered to pick her up at the airport. ETA is 3.30PM on Saturday. I told E.F this
"Plan A : Sms me when you are done with your luggage. Plan B : If I hear nothing from you or you accidently lost my phone number, I will wait for you at Mc D at 4PM. The last resort : Guna announcement airport" HAHA
So on that day, E.F smsed and asked me to wait for her at the Domestic Arrival.
"Peliknyer perempuan ni" My heart says. Rupe-rupenyer nak elakkan congestion katanye.
So lepastu jumpe E.Fsudah. Ahhh rindunyer kat E.F. Rasanyer the last time kami jumpe was after we finished uni lah, and that was 4 years ago.
E.F is still the E.FI know. Bubbly, fun and huggable. She bought for me Easter Eggs from Norway.
"Saya cari benda ni di semua kedai di Norway, nasib baik masih ada" The way E.F talks mmg funny. She uses proper BM.
"Arak ada beli tak?" I joked
"Ada ada, kenapa kamu nak ke?" HAHA E.F gile :p
I seriously thought that E.F bought me the Easter Eggs. While driving, I had this thought in my mind, sedap ke Easter Egg tu ar? From the cover, rupa Easter Eggs tu macam telur pindang aje. I hate telur pindang, I hope EE tastes better than telur pindang. I asked Ee Fei, how do people eat the Easter Eggs. Then she replied,
"Mula mula kamu kopek the decoration at the shells, then amik sudu and makan isi die yang putih tu, then kamu bole makan shell die pada akhir sekali" E.F explained
Hmmmm, makan shell die sekali? OMG for real ke?.
Then I asked her "Sedap ke shell die tu E.F?"
"Mesti lah sedap, kalau tak takkan saya beli untuk kamu. Satu Norway saya pusing. I know you love chocolate"
"Chocolate? Where the hell is the chocolate?" Lepastu I gelak kuat kuat
Aiyorrrr rupenyer the Easter Eggss tu cokelat ye. E.F kata "Zaman mak nenek dulu je Easter Egg tu egg. Now ni kan, all Easter Eggs are chocolate" HAHA.



After that, we rushed to Seremban, because E.F wanted to do facial and I brought her to see my favourite beautifican, Jane Wong. I love her work, Jane is very very good in giving massages and extraction during facials by her is painless. Not like my beautician from NYS. Gosh, I really hate her. Kasar gile (the NYS beautician). But I keep coming to Jane for detox massages, sauna, eyelash perming, honey wax, eyebrow trimming and macam macam lagi. And I am so glad that E.F approved Jane's excellent work. She even upgraded her facials to deep cleansing facial which costs her RM98. While E.F was at the beauty center, I went back home and took a bath. E.F sibuk suruh masak rendang. Aiyor Ee Fei, nak masak rendang in one hour? Tak sempat ye. So, after the facial, I brought E.F to Jusco Seremban 2 and to Oldtown Kopitiam. E.F requested for something Malaysian, yeah I can see how she misses Malaysian food. And she helped to abiskan my meal because I couldnt habiskannye. We gossip and share stories. Seronok sangat. I miss E.F so much. She shows me her engagement ring and know what? Both of us had channel ring as our engagement ring! Cume Ee Fei's are gold and mine are white gold :)


When we finished eating, it's already 8.30PM. So, we left Jusco and headed to Sunway i.e Ee Fei's home.
In the car, we continue to gossip and share stories. We dropped by Bangi, at my fiance's place to pass him the cat food he ordered. My baby cat, Cik Putih only eat the friskie Me-O that Dad bought from S2. Mengada betul the cat. And at the same time, it was a nice moment to introduce E.F to my fiance. We lepak at his place for a while and E.Fhas fallen in love with the cat. The cat memang dearly manja with E.F. E.F even wants to take the cat home with her hehe. After than, we excused ourself because we need to send E.F and her bags to Sunway and also for my fiance to finish his paperwork. E.F kata my fiance is soft spoken. Die memang pemalu orangnyer Ee Fei :p In the car, we sambung bercerita Part 3 :):)
We reached Sunway at around 10PM, met Big E, E.Fs friendly and horny dog hihi. Sebelum balik,E.F sempat bagi satu beg of her favourite cereal from Norway.


Thanks E.F. Memang seronok dapat jumpa E.F semula. I sempat tanya E.F
"E.F, awak penat tak jalan-jalan ni? Awak kan baru sampai"
"Eh tidaklah, not at all ye"
"Saya pun begitu juga E.F" I answered :)


aritha said...

mak pening baca bahasa malaysia traditional... hahahah



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