Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Something Big Is Coming

Pisces - the Fish (Feb 22 - Mar 21)

This is a profoundly psychic sign, and the Piscean should use their ability positively to live a better life in every way.

In fact, many fish become fascinated by black magic and the occult because they are seduced by secrecy. They are also intensely interested in spiritualism and many of them tend to day-dream to their heart's content and aren't part of this world at all! They will appear magical and mystical and can be profoundly artistic and unworldly at times.

Hyper-sensitivity will be strong and most of them will feel neurotically nauseated by anything ugly whether its society, sights, sounds or situations. On the positive level they can be sentimental, wonderful and sensitive writers and divine dancers.

Fish are vulnerable, and the worst thing Pisceans can do is to drift along in an aimless sea, where their phobias and fixations may well get the better of them. Positive Pisceans can cultivate tremendous inner peace and serene qualities that will bring them total fulfillment and joy.

Think of your fishy friends, and you'll realise that something strange sets them apart from everyone else though you may never be able to put your finger on it. This is a sign of sophistication and top class stuff and Pisceans like to live and work in a world far removed from any slummy stuff.

They need to work in an enchanting, entrancing environment to help bring about the best in them. Travel too is one of the more calling careers for them. However, whatever work they may end up doing, they need to be happy or their finely tuned sensitive systems can get jarred and they become extremely flustered and uncomfortable.

Strangely enough, Fish who are foot loose and fancy free don't really care much about their homes. They are lovers of the water, the sea, ocean and beyond. This is a mutable sign, so Piseans will flow in very fluid way in whatever direction their fancies take them. In fact, because of their love of fantasy it will be important for them to constantly meet new people. They will often do anything to avoid angry outbursts, and some Fish won't say a word to friends who are being rude and repellent, although they may despise themselves later for having no backbone. Even in their love life many Pisceans are victims of unrequited love, more than any other sign.

As a friend, they can be sympathetic and warm with a tinge of being fair-weather at times. They just basically change their minds a lot. One day they'll say they adore something and the next, announce they loathe it. When you accuse them of lying, they will look hurt and then confused. Most times, a Piscean pal will be a smashing social success and you will have a whale of time with them whenever you'll meet. Home will become the 'be all and end all' of everything, but, only when they finally settle down contentedly in matrimony.

Pisceans love cats and there are bound to be a few cats running around their homes, along with a big alcohol cabinet for sure. Pisceans drink like the fish they are, and this can land them in trouble, causing havoc with their liver if they tend to over-do it, which ofcourse, most of them do!

When it comes to relaxing, a Piscean can only unwind in a soft, soothing environment, as well as in artistic endeavours like painting or reading spiritual stuff. Very often Piscean pursuits include all this and of course, being with the ones they love.

Pisceans are sensitive and charming. If you are looking for someone who is understanding and can understand your feelings then you have met the right person. You should appreciate their feelings too, as in your time of need they are sure to help you. Pisces have a keenly developed sixth sense and have great intuitive powers. Their hunches may usually be right on mark. But they can exhaust their physical and mental energies. They are born dreamers and you can build palaces with your dream lover (only in real life it may become a little difficult preposition).

Pisces are dreamers and you should not expect them to have worldly ambitions. They are not materialistic in nature. It is not that they like living below the poverty line but they have no earnest desire to accumulate wealth. They are very sensitive and you have to be always careful about their feelings. The fishes are capable of drowning you in their tears (even men born under this sign). Pisces people are very intuitive but do not depend on them to make decision on important matters.

Do you all believe in horoscope? I came across this one from the net. Suprisingly (as expected), at one part of the write-up, it wrote "Piscean loves cats" and I wondered, how valid is that statement? Does every Piscean loves cats? Tell me if you don't and let's make this horoscope thingy another c.r.a.p.
But whatever it is, I couldn't not say more to agree with the line that Piscesans are dreamers. HAHA. Yeah, I love to daydream. In fact, something big has landed in my mind few seconds ago. I talked to few friends and my fiance and they kind of approved that it's actually an interesting area to look at (and venture). WOW. This is going to be fun. InsyaAllah. Pray for me. Pray for us.

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aiyda said...

naw...i'm not pisces but i do love cats! (& daydream too much)