Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Things About Me - This is my Facebook Material, posted it here, by accident!

1. I am the only child to the family. So used of being alone at home and really enjoy the quite moment. Crowdy and loud (something like at the LRT or Komuter station) is the last place I want to go, with exception to the shopping malls haha!
2. Cats, panda, bear, any beary and huggable animals, I simply love them! I wish I could save all the stray animals especially cats and dogs and build shelters for them
3. Celebrity couples I adore - Jolie Pitt, the Beckhams, Bunga and Ashraff
4. Whenever I come across of people asking how old I am, I will let them to take a guess. They ussually say that I am 25
5. I hate ppl driving slow at the right lane, or ppl blocking my way at the escalator. I hate rude drivers and rude people too.
6. I am a homely person, I love staying at home, lepak at my bed with my machine, Baby Mac, pile of story books and magazines and my baby Cat, Meena
7. I hate pocho pocho and personally think that pocho-pochoing is such a waste of time (coz it will not help to shed your fatty fat baby) and called them pocong haha. No offense!
8. I prefer chicken than fish and red meat. I do 3 day to 7 day fruit diet detox occasionally.
9. I love Malaysian and Italian food but my Italian cooking is better than my Malaysian dishes
10. I love to bake too. My fiance loves my oreo cheesecake
11. Uni years, I had my braces on. For the ortho treatment, the doctor pulled out 4 of my tooths and I only have 28 of them with me now
12. I've always dream to become a musician or to venture business like a bridal shoppe/wedding planner or a book store with a small cafe
13. I dont like to stay late in the office. I would rather bring back my work and do it at home. I go for work-life balance
14. I love sunflower and fuschia/pink gerbera daisy
15. I went to India but missed out Taj Mahal. I will definately come back again for Taj Mahal.
16. My favourite do during Ramadhan is shopping for food at Pasar Ramadhan
17. My fiance and I had this cat exchange program. I take care of his cat and he take care of mine. Meena is his cat. She is a chatty cat, she loves to sleep at my bed and follows me where ever I go. Petite in size, the colour is tabby and I love it when she yawns and stretches, so cute!
18. My favourite fruit is buah ciku and watermelon
19. A place I wish to visit one day is Bora Bora in Tahiti
20. My favourite TV series is SATC and I dream to be Charlotte York (and Posh and Jolie too haha)
21. I just hate Myspace, full of wanabes and budak sekolah/hingusan. Facebook is ok. Even my Senior Manager have a FB account.
22. I aspire to do something different when I reach 30
23. I am scared of babies. I don't know what to do with them. I am more well versed on the anatomy of a cat
24. I love waking up early in the morning and jogs at the nearby park. I will jogs until my cloths are all wet with my sweat (and pass by the Pocong, indirectly signalling them that jogging is way better than PP) haha cruel me
25. I met my fiance at the tennis court. We got engaged in Oct last year and planning to get married this July after been together for about 3 years (3 years since we first met at the tennis court haha)

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