Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Time as A Bridemaid

I've been appointed as a bridemaid!
Yes, I am going to be the bridemaid @ Maid of Honor for my dear cousin, who is getting married in 2nd of May this year. I will try my best to be a helpful bridemaid to my dear cousin. She already passed me the cloth bought from Jakarta. It was a beautiful lace and satin and the colour is gold. My fantasy tells me it will be a beautiful kebaya or something else maybe? Oh I will to go the tailor and ask for her advices. And yeah, I need to get a tudung for that too.
Speaking of bridemaid, I still haven't identified who is going to be my bridemaid for my wedding. For me, it is important that my bridemaid is someone who can calms me over my nervousness, someone who is helpful and someone who is fast and quick. Someone like Miss *. I always come to her whenever I am feeling down, because she will always bring me up, whenever I need help, because she is always there for me. And she is very good in every area for example dari roads in KL kepada cara-cara nak mengubah hantaran. I feel safe whenever I am with her. She is also close to my fiance. Well, she was there when it all started, she kind of know our story, she is also part of the story. So she would be the perfect bridemaid for me.
To Miss *, sudi tak you jadi my bridemaid? :)