Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Relaxing Weekend

All this while, I was so worried and nervous about my work and the presentation which was successfully held on last Tuesday. When all done and completed, I was so relieved and felt as if I am a feather, very light and danced happily as being blown by the wind.
So this weekend, I reward myself with series of theraphy and treatments. I redeemed the Slimming promotion offer I purchased last year (whichexpires this month) and also the complimentary PMS Body Treatment from the CRES Ladies Club which I signed in last month. The full body slimming uses a machine which help to improve cell absorption and resolve fatty acid. The beautician attached series of plasters with wires to concentrated areas like the arms, the abs and the thigh. Andthen, when the machine is turned on, I could feel mild electricity penetrating my fatty cells. And it went on for 30 minutes. After that, it continues with the PMS massages at neck, shoulder, head at front and back. Ah, serious best. I almost fell asleep when the beautician massages my head. And I love the essential and aromatheraphy oil they use. It was a one hour massage treatment.
At first, I felt like staying in CRES and do the steam bath but I didn't. I could not get enough of the head massages so off to the hair saloon I go. Got myself a haircut and hairwash, and another head massages too! Ah, it was pure bliss!
After that, I drove to my favourite beautician, Jane and did the cheap honey waxing for my leg, for only RM28!
I think I am addicted to Beauty Saloon!

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