Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here and There

Whoa, what a weekend! I was all over the place man!
On Saturday, attended Mum's Family Day i.e MITCOO Colorama at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park. Thank God Sasa was there too so we gossiped like there is no tomorrow. We did pocho pocho too HAHA. It was my first time, but Sasa, oh my Sasa knows how to do Pocho Pocho man! But whatever, I enjoyed it so much yang menari-nari dengan orang-orang MITCOO tu.
In the evening, attended birthday dinner for Kak Nazuha, my fiance's eldest sister who is now 8 months++ pregnant. The EDD is in two weeks time whoa, I am happy for my fiance as he will be an uncle somewhere soon.
Early on the Sunday morning, I drove mum to pasar and TESCO for groceries shopping. Then at 11AM, left for Putrajaya for the Pameran Pengantin at PICC. Seronok jugaklah because the Pameran is even better than the one at The Mall and Ampang Point. Apa kah hasil tangkapan di sana? Chocolate as gifts for the wedding, yippie :)
After that sebelum balik, look around for potential love pad around that area and bumped into one at Putrajaya. The landlord wishes to paint the house before he calls us for site visit in two weeks time. So okay lah, not a problem. Furthermore, we told the landlord we wanted to see the house first, only then we will decide for yes or no. But if we agree to take the house, we will move in as early as in May 2009. Okay jugak tu, boleh lah we prepare + furnish + decorate the house a bit. Tiba-tiba excited pulak on the house thingy. Yippie!
Oh ya, we choose Putrajaya because it's easier for me to go to the office either by ERL or opting to cruise the KL-Putrajaya highway to escape Tol Sg Besi and straight away exits at Jalan Tun Razak. In addition to that, senang lah my fiance nak pergi main tennis either after work or during the weekend because the place is quite near to Bangi. But this is only one option. We also open few options to look for houses in :
1. KL
2. Bangi
3. or even live with the parents in Seremban
Let's see which one is the most convenient for both of us and our two housemates (the cats).
On my way back from Putrajaya, dropped by Nilai 3 and booked my door gifts and lega gile because already settled this door gifts thingy.
Now yang tetiba dalam my mind is the table centerpieces. I was at CRES for my facial this evening and saw orange gerberas at the reception. At first it looked like bouquet of fresh gerberas but it is not! They are artificial gerberas and they looked real! And the hunt for gerberas begin.

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