Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Short Silence

My blogging was disconcerted by hiatuses of events.
At least twice in a year, in December and June, is the Technical Assessment season. It's not a season to celebrate, more of a silent torture to the mind. Am so glad I have made it through and now I can consume my O2 gleefully. I realized how I impressed (not) the assessor with how much that I don't know. HAHA. But still, opportunity knocks the door when the assessor offered me to work with him in a different project once I am done with the current one. Voila!
On the other occasion, Mum will be leaving for Haj today, which is a valid reason for me to utilize my unutilized annual leave until end of this week. In the Company, there is no such thing as Unutilized Leave Converted to RM. And unfortunately, only 5 days can be carried forward to the next year and that made the remaining of my annual leaves gone just like that. Nvm. Not a big deal.
I pray for Mama well being and Haji Mabrur. Am surely going to miss her - (cooking)(company). The washing machine will feel so empty without her. Laundry is her passion.
I will be leaving for Langkawi on this Sunday. Am so excited on my first trip to Langkawi. I repeat, my first trip to Langkawi (after of your 'so-many' trips to Langkawi). Can you believe it?


Irwan said...

I've never been to Langkawi juga Zal.. LOL!

Fairul said...

hope u enjoy ur langkawi trip...nah..

Zal said...

Irwan, incase you have plan to venture Langkawi, I would recommend for you to stay at The Westin. Exhilarating, breathtaking and excellent hotel service.

Zal said...

Fairul, I did!