Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's A Free World

A guy asked "I see you are wearing a ring. Are you married or engaged maybe?"
I laughed. Nope I said. I could sensed his curiosity of me wearing a ring when it doesnt tie back to any M or E status.
Let me tell you why. It's more of a personal choice, cheap way of conveying the message that I am "taken", "not interested" or "leave me alone". Running around without a ring bring too much attention. Furthermore, it's a risik ring that I am wearing. A gift from my bf side. It was a suprise. I didnt know that the family would come with a ring, when we both have agreed we just wanna make it simple.
Another story by one of my colleague
"I saw this girl in the LRT. Sweet and pretty but no ring at her fingers. What gives? Something is wrong with her?"
Obviously, nothing is wrong with her. It is just a personal choice she made of not wearing any ring.
I believe a women should be able to wear/or not a ring in any fingers that she wants to with an exception to those who are still sourcing for Mr Right. You may want to avoid the misleading fact on your status. Who knows how many great men may have passed by because they thought you were married!


aida said...

Congrats! Insyaallah will come to yr er, party heheh

Also dah answer yr tag. It was in my draft alredi actually, just pubished :-)

Zal said...

Thanks Aida. Do bring your Mama and Dad too :D