Monday, October 13, 2008

Sucker for Scarves

Whenever I am feeling bored, I love to browse into my scarves collection. The eye glaring colors boosts up my mood. The beautiful abstracts and flowers really make my day.

Soft colored scarves from Dirs Gallery
Work/casual scarf by Arzu
Raya 2008 scarves by Arzu

My latest acquisition is this one. I bought it at the airport today, after hantar my Mum.
I love pink, red and fuschia by Tie Rack



You was wearing the pink from TieRack when you was MC for the engagement kan?

Hrmm, I forgot again to take your invitation card.. huhu

Zal said...

HAHA. So I actually caught someone's attention eh. Nyway my MC partner made me to wear something pink yesterday. Funny kan. I've always have this thing in mind that men hate pink.

Anonymous said...

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