Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Debut (2007)

Another debut doesn't mean that I failed last time. I am introducing the more of "moi" and the lesser of "zal"s elements in this avenue. It's much safer to go anonymous these days. Even Human Resources and some bosses goggled.
Scary. Scary.
As long as I am breathing, thou shalt keep on writing.
Write what? A blog post? A diary?
I've given up on writing diaries long time ago. To my surprise, some people loves prying into my affairs; he and she even has the gut to read my diaries. I was even punished for what I wrote because from the honest word written in the diary, mum knew about my late night outings and ex-bf knew I was flirting with another guy.
Flirting, ladies and gentlemen, is not a crime. That's why he is an ex anyway.
I learn my lesson and from that on, I tend to keep things to myself.
Blogging, however, is an inexpensive way of keeping record of one's daily life. You just have to have the minute and hours. And for an incredible journey I've go through ever day, I would not mind taking few moments and putting it in a post. Composing your own text and telling your own story of how things happened gives it a chance in future to live again. I don't look forward for people to read my blog or expect for it to be top ten in the Blog roll whatsoever. Suffice for it to be shared with someone else, other than myself, so he or she can at least, know how does it feel to be in that position at the point of time it happens.
For certain times gone by, I've always imagine myself rereading the ever written and snapshots of past thoughts, feeling and life events. Smiling and giggling over the frolicsome photos, reminiscing how I've made it through the ups and down of life.
And that time, I am 80, with hubby on my side cuddling me and a ginger cat sleeping on my lap.


Faizad @ swanked said...

popular sgt la pulak.asik tuka blog je.susah nak kip trek

Zal said...

No worry Pejat. You'll be the first person to know, in case I move again.