Saturday, October 2, 2010

Travelogue : Kota Kinabalu Day 2 - Air Terjun Kipungit, Poring Hot Spring

We are now at Poring Hot Spring. But the hot spring area is too congested, plus to the fact that I dont really favor hot spring, so we hiked a bit to go to Air Terjun Kipungit. Jungle trekking for about 20 minutes i.e 400m and there it was, the air terjun. I dont feel like dipping because am still full so I just lepak at one of the batu and enjoy the scenary. Came across this pakcik in the photo, I swear, looks like he is naked in the water huahuahua. But after he came out from the water, baru nampak die punya swimming trunk is skin colour. Aiyor pakcik :p

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