Sunday, October 24, 2010

Travelogue : Kota Kinabalu Day 4 : White Water Rafting at Sg Padas

My Blackberry went dead! That was the reason why no update from me after reaching Tenom. Haha. Okay, let me just wrap up :
1. We took an antique train from Tenom to Pangi passing by Sg Padas. The first time I saw Sg Padas, my impression was "OMG". Sg Padas is a 9km of Grade III and IV rapids. For a first time like us, it was like unbelievable! 
The journey from Tenon to Pangi took around 30 minutes. And while we were enjoying the scene of Sg Padas, someone actually saw a crocodile sunbathing beside the river bank.
"What? A crocodile?" I gulped. "This is suicide" I told my husband.
To summarize, we managed to survive Sg Padas. It was hella fun. No crocodile, still sunbathing I guess. Exhilarating adventure rafting through rapids, they even have names! i.e Headhunter, Cyclone, Cobra Rock, Roller Coaster. We did body rafting too i.e threw ourselves in the river. Yes I am crazy.  And oh, we lost our 2 month old waterproof camera in Sg Padas. So no footprint of Sg Padas, only memories :(
I could not agree more that White Water Rafting we did was the climax of our visit to Sabah. My husband likes it too and I guess this will be our new hobby :D
 That evening, we still had the energy and appetite to go for ikan bakar, on our last night at KK. 
On Day 5, we did our shopping and dropped by Tanjung Aru for a short walk before boarding to KL at around 6PM. Sabah, we will see you again for Sipadan and Mabul and Mount Kinabalu :)

Class I: Easy
Waves small; passages clear; no serious obstacles.
Class II: Medium
Rapids of moderate difficulty with passages clear. Requires experience plus suitable outfit and boat.
Class III: Difficult
Whitewater, waves numerous, high, irregular; rocks; eddies; rapids with passages clear though narrow, requiring expertise in maneuvering; scouting usually needed. Requires good operator and boat.
Class IV: Very difficult
Long rapids; white water, waves high, irregular; dangerous rocks; boiling eddies; best passages difficult to scout; scouting mandatory first time; powerful and precise maneuvering required. Demands expert boatman and excellent boat and good quality equipment.
Class V: Extremely difficult
Exceedingly difficult, white water, long and violent rapids, following each other almost without interruption; riverbed extremely obstructed; big drops; violent current; very steep gradient; close study essential but often difficult. Requires best person, boat, and outfit suited to the situation. All possible precautions must be taken.
Class VI (or U): Dangerous
Effectively unraftable on a safe basis.


aiyda said...

Sg Kampar is Class II/III
Takde capsize pun, guide yg sengaja terbalikkan :-p
No crocodile :-D

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