Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wedding Wedding and Wedding

Phew! 2 weddings in a day, skipped 2 more, two of which in Kuantan.
I have this thinking on quitting my 9-5 job and become a wedding planner, a profession I've always dream of (besides jadi cikgu music, pemilik bakery and cake house, pemilik butik baju, pengusaha rumah kebajikan kucing).
Don't you know that "Piscesans are dreamers"?

It was hella fun driving to the wedding with these 3 hot Mamas.
Hot Mama!



Just want to say, now I can see all your posted pictures. :)

Zal said...

Good to hear that :)

become a wedding planner said...

As a working wedding planner I would like to give you hint. Being a wedding planner is not having a martini on beach, it's maybe just another 9-5 job for you. Well the bottom line is most of the jobs in the world do not make difference, wedding planner does. You may want to check out my blog about how to become a wedding planner.

Good luck!
Max Sanjulan