Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Honeymoon in Krabi - Day 1

Honeymooning in Krabi was fun! For beach freaks like us, it's a recommended place to go! I would like to share our 5D4N holiday in Krabi so you guys can plan for your trip to Krabi *hello Aida* somewhere in future~
We departed at 11AM, my MIL droves us to LCCT. A week before that, Air Asia sent notification on the flight delay. It departed at 1305PM, instead of 1205PM and arrives at 1225PM, Krabi local time. The time difference is one hour (lagging from Malaysian time). Oh ya, Air Asia flies daily to Krabi you know.
When we arrived, there was already someone from the hotel came to fetch us. We've made earlier arrangement for this one, and the fee was way cheaper than the airport taxi, only 500 Baht. Airport taxi will charge you 600 Baht. The journey to our hotel, Krabi La Playa took about half and hour. It rained cats and dogs all the way. Well, some of you might have heard on the prediction that there will be tsunamis on 22 Jul. It was actually the date we departed to Krabi!! We were keeping our finger crossed and hoping for things to be ok in Krabi. If tsunamis does happen, we plan to stay indoor, or worse, schedule a ticket to fly back home. But Alhamdulillah, everything was ok, just heavy some heavy downpour on day 1.
Our hotel, Krabi La Playa is situated at Ao Nang area, near to the Ao Nang beach. It is very convenient to get around, that is why we choose to stay in Ao Nang. Shops and the beach are just within walking distance.
The check-in was fast, the welcoming drink was tantilizing. The receptionist was lemah lembut too, biasala orang Thai, cakap pon mendayu dayu. Their names are bit kinky lah, one is Pinkie and one is Honey haha. Well, welcome to Thailand people~ Anyway, Krabi La Playa is a small hotel (dalam gambar nampak besar ok ) and there were few other hotel near Krabi La Playa i.e The Small Hotel which is quite modern and unic in design. If you love having halal food in your hotel, go to Ao Nang Orchid hotel. The owner is a Muslim and they serve halal food. In Krabi La Playa ni kitaorang go vegeterian je. Hai buah-buahan~
I was so suprise to see two cute Ellie the Elephant which welcome us to the room. We unpack and rest while sipping hot tea, free from the minibar. After tea, we went down to the receptionist to book for our tours for the next 4 days. The hotel provides few pamphlet for us to choose for the tours and without hesitation we choose the 3 must-go tours if your are in Krabi which were Phi Phi Island Tour, 4 Island Tour and Krabi Rainforest Tour. The price is reasonable and affordable.
Phi Phi Island Tour by speed boat (830AM - 4PM) - 1800 Baht
4 Island Tour by speed boat (830AM - 230PM) - 1000 Baht
Krabi Rainforest Tour (830AM - 4PM) - 1200 Baht
It was almost dinner time when we were done with the booking. So the receptionist recommended us to go for Seafood Dinner at a restaurant downtown, near to the beach.
The restaurant is called Wang Sai restaurant, which is only 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel. We took our own sweet time to jalan to Wang Sai. You can also take the tuk-tuk and the fare is as cheap as 20 Baht.
My hubby doesnt eat much but I was so suprised when he ordered white snapper fish yang besar gedabak tu for me and him to eat. Penat jugak lah nak menghabiskan fish tu, but it was really nice and tasty. I've always love Thai food :D. Other than that we also had sayur and rice for hubby and orange juice yang sedap. The fish alone cost 360 Baht! But the dinner set was around 550 Baht je. Somesay it's quite expensive to dine in Wang Sai. So if you happen to be in Krabi and would like to go for more economical dinner, choose someother places okay. There is one Muslim restaurant in Ao Nang, nama nya Kedai Makan Aisha. They also have a lot of Italian restaurant in Krabi. Maybe you can go for Italian seafood pizza or pasta? Nyumnyum.
Stomach is happy so we headed back home. On the way back, sempat jalan-jalan and snap photos. Weather was fine, no rain. At that time, was keeping our finger crossed, really hoping for clear weather for tomorrow.




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