Friday, August 7, 2009

I Am Homesick

Nashriq gave me this song, thanks dear :D
I told him how I miss everyone at home, I told him I miss him too hehe.
In Krabi I did island hopping, back in Malaysia I did hotel hopping. Back from Krabi, I went to the office for one day before the whole department went for team building in PD for 3 days. We stayed at Thistle Hotel which is used to be PD Guoman Hotel. Thistle is impressive, one of it was the food and its presentation. This one friend of mine who is a fussy eater (dan lain lain lagi) pon puji the food. As for me, tak kisah sangat food sedap ke tak, but the service preferably to be superb.
One of my basic need in every hotel I stay is an iron and the ironing board. In Krabi La Playa, they didn't provide hotel in every room or even iron for use. You need to send your cloth for pressing. Arghhh bosan gile. Same goes to Thistle. No iron in the room. But I did request for the set and got to keep the iron and the board for 3 days, which is okay and menyenangkan hati.
After Thistle, I am off to Cherating for a course and field trip to Kemaman Supply Base. This hotel I am staying in now is the lousiest hotel I've ever stayed (as far as I can remember lah). I dont want to elaborate more because at this point of time, I laying on the bed on this hotel and will only be checking out tomorrow. I was suppose to move to a nearby hotel today, but I am already sick and tired of moving in and out, living like a nomad so I extended my stay in the same hotel until tomorrow.
Maybe the fact that this hotel sucks contributed to my melancholy feeling. Apa perasaan korang kalau nampak lalat hinggap kat cake masa lunch? The lalat look dead, but it's not dead, die hinggap je kat cake tu then it fly away. This hotel memang sucks haha. The iron service in here macamana tau? Pinjam iron only for one hour then they will collect it back. Aiyor pening.
I am homesick. When I told people I am homesick, semuanye ingat that I miss my hubby, biasalahkan being newly wed blablabla. Yeah I do miss him (hi dear :>) but tak de problem sangat lah. He is reachable and I get to communicate or talk with him through the sms or over the phone and Facebook. I bought Maxis broadband before I left for PD because I know I will dearly need this service while I am away. Okay back to my point, sebenar benarnyer ialah I miss my home, my bed, my Meena :(, my mum,my dad, my friends. I am in a transition phase of moving out the house and living in a new life with a husband, the in-laws, his family and friends.
I do have ample of me time in here, which is really the good time to update my travel blog. Kalau balik KL jangan harap lah nak cerita panjang-panjang pasal my travelling ni. And I am in the Facebook a lot to haha. You guys must be sick of having me in every part of your Facebook page. At the same time I organized the thousands of photos from our Krabi trip. My hubby lagi rajin nak buat benda-benda camni lah but since I got nothing to do and both the Mac, Canon and Sony cameras are with me, so why not lah kan. For few days, I skipped dinner (dinner is not provided anyway), stayed in the room, only me and my lappy. But Aida bising I became anti-sosial (hehe hi Aida), so beberapa hari yang lepas we went out jalan-jalan at Cherating and Kemaman. To the beach, to the kedai keropok bla bla.
I wanna go home. I cant wait to see my Meena because I never had the chance to sms/talk to her over the phone. Mum selalu kata she is now less chatty than before, probably because she has no one to talk to right now. And the last time I went back home, which is before I left for Cherating, she became so clingy and needy to me. Meena will only come to stay with us in September. I cant wait for the day to come so I can be with her like before :)
My travelling kit - perfume, moisturizer and toner, panty liner semua nyer dah habis. I need new bra, more bra actually because I move alot now- my house, in-laws, our house, rumah hinggap bla bla. La Senza baru hantar sms, they are having sale. Yeah memang perfect timing! And I seriously need a mini travel iron and new pair of Crocs, sunglasses and many more lah.
To KL, I am coming home tomorrow!!! Hurrah!! And please dont be suprise to see me a bit darker than before hehe. Still suffering from Krabi + PD + Cherating sunburn.
p/s My BFF Ee Fei pon nak balik Norway kejap lagi, tak sempat pon jumpe die after the wedding. Sorry Ee Fei. Terima kasih datang wedding saya. I love u :)

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