Monday, July 12, 2010

Let Us Sleep

A friend was complaining,  he finds it hard to sleep at night. His mind could not stop iterating and thinking about stuff he did on that day.
I experienced the same last time. Sometimes it took me half to an hour for me to unconciously sleep at night. Until one day I came across on tips to cure this. It mention when we are ready to sleep, need to lower down the brain activity up to 7Hz for total relaxation and hopefully leading to 4Hz, which is where sleep will occur.
I also shared with him how I help myself to sleep easily at night or anytime i.e through my favorite  pose, of all yoga poses, savasana. Savasana is a relaxation pose. and it is very easy to try. Among benefits of savasana is it relaxes the entire psycho-physiological system, it quiets heart and pulse rates and it develos body mind awareness. Read more about savasana here. Most of the time, I doze off after few minutes of savasana.

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