Thursday, July 22, 2010

Talk Nonsense

Hua Hua Hua. Lunch hour break. I loike. The lights in the office is off. Feels like going to sleep. ZzzzzZzz.
Anyway all I can think of right now is lip gloss. I run out of my lip gloss and need new one.
I run out blusher but no worries, am now using the blusher, a birthday present from Sasa and Jes. Thanks girls, I love that blusher so much. Tahan lama!
I run out of perfume.
I run out of my skincare.
I need new heels for office.
I need another baju raya.
I need mixer for raya cookies and cakes.
I need to wear something purple for tomorrow. Tomorrow is department's purple day. Haha. I am starting to love my new department now.
No more early bird at KL Convention, thus I park somewhere near Aquaria and need to walk for about 20 minutes through and fro the office. And I carry Zul Azri's laptop to the office everyday. It is pretty tiring sometimes. And I feel that the pathway I follow everyday is ruining my shoes.
I need to stop. It is already 2PM.


SasaShasha said...

oh dah pakai ye blusher tu...glad u like it ;)

Zal said...

ar ar dah Sasa. ya ya I loike it so much thanks :D:D