Saturday, April 18, 2009

3 Months To Go

Three more months to go!
Well, if you ask me what is on my mind right now, I would answer :

Hen's Nite Party!

Dan macam-macam lagi lah. Anyway, I am scheduled for another technical presentation next week, hopefully this will be the last. If have been working on this project since April last year, we are due for submission by end of this April and hopefully everthing will finishes off smoothly.
Darn, the title is on my wedding but I still blab about work. Okay back to the real topics.
Today my fiance and I went for our regular facial at Aster Spring at S2. After jalan-jalan and makan-makan, we headed back home. I plan to bake chocolate cake for Balqish, for her 27th Birthday yesterday. But then I suddenly remember that both of us are trying to cut down our sugar intake and eat healthily so Balqish said, maybe we will enjoy the chocolate cake somewhere later. Yeah no problem :)
On the other note, my package has arrived yesterday! My package is a digital weighing machine from Maybank, redemed from my Maybankcard points. The weighing scale before this dah rosak, cause my cat lurves to sleep at it. So lama lama mesin penimbang tu jadi gila. Everyday timbang pon 50kg. Confidently I thought I am 50kg lah but then unfortunately I am not HAHA. Okay now dah ada mesin penimbang baru, hurrah!!
Hmm I think Meena is down with fever lah. She seems so quiet and less chatty. She is a chatty cat and when she is not, something is wrong. So tomorrow nak bawak die pergi vet. Kesian Meena. Die pulak yang demam. Get well soon dear!
p/s Meena is sleeping beside me and badan die agak panas

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