Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bunga Telur/Bunga Pahar

I still don't understand the difference between bunga telur or bunga pahar. Apa-apa pun lah. On bunga telur/bunga pahar, mum is more excited than me. Of all the bunga telur or bunga pahar I've ever seen, none yang betul-betul cantik to my eyes. That is why choosing bunga telur or bunga pahar is not an easy decision for me to make chihihi.
The other day, mum and I went to KK to survey for these. But know what ladies, KK is not the best place to source for wedding things like bunga telur or bunga pahar ni lah. KK is more specialized in English home decor. If you are looking for flowers aha, this is the right place. So I told mum,
"Mum why don't we go to SSF for the bunga telur or bunga pahar?"
So to SSF we go. We have already booked the bunga telur or bunga pahar for the VIP/Mama Guest List's/Family. InsyaAllah somewhere on this week they will call when it is ready.
At first we plan to sweep everything on that day. Bunga telur/bunga pahar, small boxes, paper bags but we were running out of time. So this hunt for guest favors is to be continued.
And yes, we need to hunt for flowers for the decorations too. I love flowers from SSF and KK, they are so beautiful. Flowers in SSF look like they are real and that is why they are quite expensive. But paying such amount for the quality you get, I must say that is quite reasonable.
I am not sure when will be the next hunting time because looking at my timetable for next few weeks, it's full of events. Some even overlap.
1-2 May : Cousin Nem's wedding @ Seremban, Birthday Party Apau and Sasa
9 May : Kuantan Trip, Appointment with the Beautician
16 May : Cousin Nem's wedding @ Kedah, Wedding Yus Adi + Huda, Wedding Irnee AZ, Shopping with the Flower Girls
23 May : Wedding Zairul
Those are few that I remember, there are few other more. Haih. Macama mana ni? Which one to attend? :(


Ita Shadila said...

bunga pahar - 2 bouquet yang duk kiri n kanan pelamin
bunga telur - yg bagi kat guest
nevertheless both ada telur attach together.. betul ker x my definition?

Zal said...

Yeah I have the same thought.