Saturday, April 11, 2009

Henna for Wedding

For weeks, I surveyed for it and fell in love with this person's art work on henna. I emailed her and received a reply and was so surprised to know the costs of full henna (for kaki and tangan) for bridal. Around RM350 and that is inclusive of transportation to my home in Seremban. Then I asked her again, what would be the price if I were to go to KL and do the henna, since she is based in KL. I thought the price would be around RM150 to RM250 if I were to do it in KL. Then she said the price will still be RM350 and the henna girl would be her counterparts from Seremban. Quite pricey right? But then, I told myself, malas lah nak fikir banyak, I would just take whatever have come across me and waited for her reply for full quotation but there were no reply. I emailed again, but still there were no reply. Hopeless.
Meanwhile, bumped into another bridal house in KL with henna package at RM150. I asked for the transportation cost for them to come to Seremban, then the girl said she would prefer if I come and do it in KL. Rasa macam leceh lah pulak nak ulang alik Seremban-KL few days before the solemnization so 50-50% lah.
Then I smsed my cousin who is getting married in May. Then she said she has her henna booked at Seremban, at one of the Indian bridal house in the town at only RM130. So today, I went to the bridal house and it seems I came on the right time when they are having a promotion of RM100 for bridal henna (for kaki and tangan). Sounds great eh? And the transporation cost for her to come to my place? RM20 saje! Hurrah!
Masa nak bayar, I saw one of the girl buat threading (eyebrow trimming using thread) so terus rasa nak buat. This is my first time doing threading. Saja je try. My make-up artist did recommend me to do threading instead of shaving so ended up, memang kemas threading to compared to shaving. And the threading process, memang cool lah. I could feel and hear my eyebrow di sentap sentap, bunyinyer macam kertas yang dikoyakkan saje. Murah pulak tu, RM5 saje. HAHA. What an experience.


alexa said...

u should try threading ur armpit too. lepas threading, bulu tumbuh halus2 and takes longer time to grow than usual. i mmg sll gi threading kat jyothi ampang point since 2005, once a month!

Zal said...

Oh really? Never try that but it sounds cool :D

bitsANDpieces said...

hi, mind sharing where is this kedai in seremban is? i pon stay di seremban jugak

Zal said...

Hi there, I did my henna at KM Plaza, Seremban. I tak ingat at which floor but it is the first henna shop near the escalator (tingkat paling atas sekali). Good luck :D