Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Pad

We finally have our own love pad! My fiance and I visited the place during the weekend and on Sunday, we paid for the deposit. It's just a small and cute house, cukuplah for the 2 of us and the two cats to live temporarily while finding a permanent place to stay.
His plus point :
* Tennis court is nearby
* Surau is within walking distance
* He can still go for his futsal/badminton Tuesday/Friday nite routine since love pad to venue is just few minutes drive from the venue
* Go to work opposing the traffic
* Ample parking space for our 2 cars
My plus point :
* Go to work with ERL with confirm seats, KTM Komuter is a no-no
* Or drive to work using the KL-Putrajaya hiway
* Pesta Flora, Hot Air Baloon or Fireworks
* A nice place to raise children or a nice place for a family to live
* In between of KL and Seremban, easier for both of us to go balik kampung, once in a while
I am more excited than my fiance is. He is quite emotionless sometimes.
Like on getting a new house? His answer will be Yey! But my answer will be YEYEYEYE! That kind of emotionless I am talking about. With all this, I am now announcing the official launching of my Project X. Project X is decorating/furnishing the love pad. Yeah yeah yeah, I love planning for it!!!

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