Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What A Day

It was Meena's turn to down with fever. She is recovering now, after a visit to the vet. Meena had blisters and sores in her mouth that made it difficult for her to eat. And that explains why she was sleeping the whole day without taking her food or drink. She became very quiet.
But not anymore. She is back to business, chatty as before. She starts taking her daily doses of friskie and lots of water. We even feed her with honey for the blisters and some pills for her fever. Good to have you back darling :)
I am getting ready for my technical presentation this Friday. Wish me luck. I cant wait for it to complete. I have already invited mum to visit SSF after my presentation, to destress. Kami sekarang tengah survey bunga-bungaan.
It is only 2months++ left from the event. I am more careful of what I eat nowdays. I've shed 2kgs in 2 weeks, need to shed more for the brides maid duty for cousin's wedding this May.
My fiance keep on reminding me to go and book the Tok Kadi. He is already done with his part. InsyaAllah, will do that soon. Hope the Tok Kadi is free on my date.
Few days back, we went for a site visit to our potential love pads. This place ,X, looks nice in the net, acceptable in real life but the surroundings could have been better. My fiance was the one who saw the ad and share it with me. The picture attached to the ad was not the rooms or view from the balcony, BUT the tennis court provided at the apartment. And I truly understand the messages, which is to consider having any kind of courts nearby the living place. Point noted.
Yesterday, I felt a sudden urge to shop, well, out of nowhere. The end results was one pair of cheap Vincci flat shoes. I've been hunting for flat shoes since forever and the one in Vincci was really cute so I ended up buying it. It has ribbons on it. Cute. There is RM10 voucher with every RM50 purchase. I have one RM10 voucher with me now and plan to spend it later because I dont know what else I should buy.
And Aster Spring gave me RM20 voucher. I have no idea the voucher was meant for what. I even ask the girl at the counter and she replied "Sometimes they gave it to selected customer"
Oh I see..
My recent interest is on eyeliner so I got myself new black eyeliner from Averine. It is not as superb as my Clinique eyeliner (the best!), but boleh lah. Malaysia boleh! HAHA.
On walimatul kurus (not mine but Apau and Sasa) hihi, Daia and I are working on our asses on the pre-planning and RSVP. But Daia is far far away in Bali Land now, so need to wait for him before we can brainstorm on something fun for the party
To my Apau baby and Sasa sayang, Happy Birthday dearies. Both of you mean the world me. Sorry tade hadiah beg gym nike for Baby or beg LV untuk Sasa but insyaAllah, something special is O-T-W for both of you :D
I feel like a zombie now. I bet it all due to too much of staring at my simulation models. I need rest. I need my sleep. I need it now.

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