Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cuti Sakit

I am down with fever and have been on bed rest since yesterday. I missed my PCP course in PERMATA. Sayang sungguh. They have already put my name on the next batch, which is on next May.
Most of the time, I stay on the bed. Mum, dad, fiance semuanyer keje. Only few friends to talk to in sms, emails and messanger. But Meena has been a very loyal company. Whenever I sleep, she will sleep. Whenever I wake up, she will come to me and meow meow, as if she was asking how am I feeling at that time. Sayang Meena. She is really an adorable cat.
Hoping for a speedy recovery so I can join the PCP Coaching session on tomorrow.

Macam die pulak yang sakit
Meena and her teddy, Bobo


Dayu said...

alahai..sian dia demam
jgn lupa makan ubat ye

anyway zal, i dah update pasal kos kad tu
kat the same entry
kalau berminat..contact je hamli trus


Tu lar,

Even though our languages are different, they are good at reading our feeling..

Baik Meena..

aiyda said...

have a gud rest & speedy recovery!
meena!! *squeeeeeeeeeee*

Zal said...

Meena pulak yang sakit now. Cian Meena :(