Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank God It's Friday

Hurrah! It's the much waited Friday :D:D
Am so happy today. The presentation is done and it all went well! Bravo to the team. Love you guys!
I used to hate this one irritating guy in my team u know because he always ask unnecessary or I would say it soalan yang merapu. Benda-benda like yang memang obviously in the report but he insists on asking me because he is too lazy to read the report. Semuannyer pon nak tanya the reservoir engineer. Kekadang tu tantrum gak nak melayan die macam I tak de keje aje nak buat. HAHA. Sorry emo sikit.
But anyway, after few months now, going through so many presentations, workshops, the ups and the down, I kind of start to make friend with him. HAHA. Okaylah, dah tak rasa irritating lagi dah. Rasa cam dah ada bond with him and the rest of the team too. Hope we will this big elephant. InsyaAllah.
I just got back from my music class and guess what? This year exam, I will be playing Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight. Love that song!
Plan untuk Friday night ini is menonton Marley and Me!

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