Monday, April 6, 2009

Light and Easy

Phew lega gile dah habis presentation. But tomorrow will be the part 2 of the workshop i.e individual discipline discussion with the specialist. I foresee that the carbonate geologist is going to bombard me with questions. Aiyor. Wish me luck!
On Friday, I took a day off and drove back to JB to attend Faizal and Zila's wedding at Faizal's side i.e my family side. I was the unofficial photographer and the spokesperson for the family like
"Auntie, silakan makan"
"Saya nak jemput Aunties and Uncles kepada Zila untuk merenjis"
Ke hulu ke hilir di buatnya. Sampaikan orang ingat I the pengantin pon ada. Funny!
And our way back, in the car, mum was sharing stories on her Anatomy classes.
"Lepasni tak payah pakai G-string lagi lah. One of the doctors from my class dont recommend it." Mum said.
"Why?" I asked. I was curious. Honestly, I dont favour G-string but visible pantyline is such a turn-off. Don't you think so?
Then mum starts telling stories about gravities. Face sags, breast sags and with G-string, buttock sags few times faster, because of no support from the panty. HAHA.
Yeah memang betul pon. So nak pakai ape lepas ni eh?

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