Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunbathing With Meena

Baju bridesmaid dah siap. Yippie. Seronok sangat. The baju is lace with satin, gold in colour, Nem belikan from Jakarta. I don't usually wear gold you know, a lesson learn from a Grooming Class I attended. It says, for example for jewelery, white gold suits me well than gold. But I guess my gold bridesmaid baju turn out to be beautiful and lovely. At least now I have one gold baju in my collection :D
Tomorrow I will be on leave. So many things to do. One of it is HIV test. Another is to buy birthday present for someone :D. I am not sure the party will still be on or not but on latest announcement, the event will start at 3PM instead of 8PM. Yippie. Boleh lah attend the birthday then. But just now we were informed that Sasa (the second birthday girl) is not able to attend the birthday. So right now it is still pending whether we are to proceed or to postpone. Daia will inform me tomorrow.
I can starting to feel that the heat is on. So many things to do, yet I am bounded between work and the timing of our availability. My fiance is so busy with his work and his training and coaching too. But today, he suprised me with a call saying he is on leave today and like hinting me to do any errands that are still pending. So one that I can think of at that moment is our cards. So today, I skipped lunch and went to choose our cards. He choose few cards and let me to decide which one we want. But I see that he seems to like so much the one he is holding, it is a cute card to. So we took that. But we had it in different color, according to our theme. Card, done!
I tried to find time to visit the videographer and the bridal shop but we have to rushed back so need to postpone to some other time then. When? I am not sure, but definitely not this weekend because I will be busy with cousin's wedding and he will be at his kampung for the Kenduri for the baby Aqil.
Not next week because I will be off to Kuantan and the other week, off to Kedah. Probably end of May, but there will be other things coming too. Time is killing us.
Early June will be Adah and Jes wedding. And I was so shocked when Adah requested me to be her bridesmaid. I was like OMG. Her wedding will be on 6 June at Kedah. And Jes's will be on the next day in KL. I told Adah I will think about it and asked her again and again
"Adah are you serious? Or you are just kidding"
Okaylah, let the issues pending for a while. I will think about it later. Right now Meena and I nak sunbathing and enjoy to music. :D:D
Meena, put on your sunglasses and let's enjoy the lemonade!


lilo said...

adah as in adawiyah? O_o

Zal said...

yerp, the famous adawiyah haha

Anonymous said...

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